Environment for Change

Whenever an organization feels the need to adapt, change or innovate, it must first create the right environment necessary for employees to feel comfortable and secure while they make the appropriate behavioral changes during the transition. This and subsequent articles will focus on some of the most critical recommendations and “enlightened leadership qualities” necessary to […]

Developing 21st Century Enlightened Leadership In Your Bank

Look forward to a series of articles on enlightened leadership for organizational evolution. This first one will introduce change and inspire leadership.  Change starts with you. Simply said, organizations don’t change.  Executives and employees are the ones who change, and as a result, organizations evolve.  All too often, executives and employees become comfortable in their […]

Developing Your Bank Leaders – Part Two

Hopefully my last blog on the difference between leadership and management piqued your interest.  If it didn’t, it should have.  Why do I say this? Think about the executive management team of your bank.  What are the ages of your executives?  In many banks today, the executive management team averages 60 plus years of age.  […]

Developing Your Bank Leaders – Part One

In my next series of blogs, we will be focusing on a subject near and dear to my heart…leadership! Much of our time as a company is focused on working with, developing and coaching leaders in banks.  For some executives, we’re working on succession issues and preparing them for their next promotion.  For others, they’ve […]