Are Your Lenders “Completely Typical and Unmemorable?” Part 2

  Welcome to the second blog in a three-part series dedicated to the art and science of effective customer messaging.  As we discussed in my last blog, the common banking jargon and buzzwords used by most Lenders and Relationship Managers, position them as a commodity.  Sometimes good customer service, competitive rates, and broad selection of […]

Are Your Lenders “Completely Typical and Unmemorable?”

  The following is part one of three for a series of posts that will help you develop a clear and unique “message strategy” for every sales call.  By utilizing the following tools and prompts, your sales calls will make a stronger connection with your customer and therefore be more effective. The messaging and positioning […]

Your 30 Year Old Marketing Practices

Your Car Isn’t Thirty Years Old, Why Are Your Lenders Utilizing Marketing Strategies That Are? It’s probably a safe bet that the car you’re currently driving wasn’t made in 1987.  In the past 30 years, cars have improved a lot.  Fuel efficiency, emission reduction, technological advancements and safety features have improved dramatically. However, when it […]

The Most Undisciplined Sales People On The Planet

Did you know that relationship managers are the most undisciplined, unfocused sales people on the planet?  It’s true!  Before choosing to work exclusively with banks 17 years ago, I trained, coached and mentored  sales teams in many different industries including insurance, financial planning, pharmaceutical, professional services, automotive, healthcare, start-ups, manufacturing just to name a few. […]

Your Competitor’s Marketing Plans Revealed!

Your Competitor’s Marketing Plans Revealed! What if… A healthy percentage of your lenders exceeded their annual production goals…by June 30th? What if… A healthy percentage of your lenders produced more than twice their annual sales goals annually without working any harder then they currently are working? We’re not surprised by these results.  They are quite […]

Have Your Lenders Become Sales Dinosaurs?

Have Your Lenders Become Sales Dinosaurs? So what did the Sales Dinosaur Assessment for Bank CEOs in my last email reveal about your bank?  What new insights did you have about how your bank needs to evolve?  The bank-assessment in my last blog asked bank CEOs and Presidents twelve questions designed to expose a small […]

Has Your Bank Become a Sales Dinosaur?

As you’ve seen from past blogs, the consistent theme of the blog content we produce focuses on helping bankers and banks evolve and become more progressive, innovative institutions. The theme of my next two blogs is Has Your Bank Become a Sales Dinosaur?  This first blog is a “bank-assessment” designed to assist bank CEOs and […]

Developing Your Bank Leaders – Part Two

Hopefully my last blog on the difference between leadership and management piqued your interest.  If it didn’t, it should have.  Why do I say this? Think about the executive management team of your bank.  What are the ages of your executives?  In many banks today, the executive management team averages 60 plus years of age.  […]