Road Trip May 2018

Day one of my road trip. My intention is to visit approximately sixty banks from San Diego to the San Francisco area to Sacramento and back down the Highway 5 corridor until I’m home again. This is an experiment to see if I can balance the demands of a growing business with my quest for […]

Culture Gets “Lip Service” In Most Banks

Culture Gets “Lip Service” In Most Banks Conceptually, most banking executives have a pretty good understanding of their bank’s culture. At least conceptually! Maybe you’d describe your bank’s culture as feeling very much like a “family” where employees care for each other and have each other’s backs. Often, I’ll have banking executives refer to their […]

Leveraging Your Expertise

In November’s edition of The Evolutionary Banker, I addressed a few trends that are changing the ways in which business owners and corporate decision-makers are making buy decisions. It’s imperative we understand these trends so we can adapt accordingly. One of the takeaways from November’s blog was that decision-makers are looking for their vendors and […]

What You Need To Know About The Changing World of Sales

The entire world is changing, so too is the world of sales. Astute bank leaders and relationship managers decipher these signs and adapt. Remember, extinction is what occurs when a species is unable to adapt to environmental changes. Many banks will face extinction over the next five years, but those that adapt will continue to […]

Environment for Change

Whenever an organization feels the need to adapt, change or innovate, it must first create the right environment necessary for employees to feel comfortable and secure while they make the appropriate behavioral changes during the transition. This and subsequent articles will focus on some of the most critical recommendations and “enlightened leadership qualities” necessary to […]

Developing 21st Century Enlightened Leadership In Your Bank

Look forward to a series of articles on enlightened leadership for organizational evolution. This first one will introduce change and inspire leadership.  Change starts with you. Simply said, organizations don’t change.  Executives and employees are the ones who change, and as a result, organizations evolve.  All too often, executives and employees become comfortable in their […]

Behind On Your 2017 Sales Goals?

Behind On Your 2017 Sales Goals? Here’s what to do to salvage your year. With Labor Day and the end of summer just around the corner, a sickening feeling is beginning to develop in the pit of their stomachs for a large percentage of relationship managers. Do you know that feeling? The feeling of being […]